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An illustration shows the words HERE and NOW with a background shaded blue to yellow from left to right, and with 2023 HIGHLIGHTS in white type.


PBS Wisconsin reporters share their 2023 highlights

Here & Now journalists point to coverage of a Wisconsin Supreme Court election, the state budget process, abortion, the impacts of racial disparities and more over their past 12 months of reporting.

Friday December 29, 2023

Frederica Freyberg and Zac Schultz sit facing each other on the Here & Now set.


‘Here & Now’ Highlights: Zac Schultz, Speaker Robin Vos, Carla Vigue, Secretary Missy Hughes

Here's what guests on the Dec. 22, 2023 episode said about the Wisconsin Supreme Court's redistricting lawsuit order, priorities for Assembly Republicans, UW-Madison scholarships for enrolled tribal members, and tech company jobs in Racine County.

Tuesday December 26, 2023

Dominic Zappia and Frederica Freyberg sit facing each other on the Here & Now set.


‘Here & Now’ Highlights: Dominic Zappia, Rep. Greta Neubauer, County Executive David Crowley

Here's what guests on the Dec. 15, 2023 episode said about student reactions to UW regents voting to scale back DEI efforts, what Assembly Democrats are anticipating in 2024, and the financial situation for Milwaukee County.

Monday December 18, 2023

An empty pool with multiple swim lanes, a deeper diving area, and a shallower play area with two water slides sits empty, as seen through a chain-link fence, with buildings and trees in the background.


Brodhead gets shared revenue boost but continues to pursue budget relief

An increase in funding directed from the state government to local municipalities is helping a small community in southern Wisconsin maintain its services, but struggles continue to keep up with higher costs amid slower growth in new development.

Thursday September 7, 2023

Frederica Freyberg sits at a desk on the Here & Now set and faces a video monitor showing an image of Shawn Johnson.


‘Here & Now’ Highlights: Shawn Johnson, Bob Lang, Kathy Bernier, Craig Czarnecki

Here's what guests on the June 9, 2023 episode said about a deal on shared revenue and K-12 school funding, Wisconsin's larger budget process, combatting election misinformation and air quality alerts.

Monday June 12, 2023

A poster with a U.S. flag graphic and the words Vote Here is affixed to a sandwich board sign standing on a gravel driveway.


What you need to know about Wisconsin’s spring 2023 election

'Here & Now' has covered the contests for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Senate District 8 and mayor of Green Bay leading up to the April 4 vote — explore reporting about the candidates and races.

Tuesday April 4, 2023

A still image from a video shows a sample ballot from Wisconsin's spring election on April 4, 2023.


Fast Facts: The questions on Wisconsin’s spring 2023 ballot

Along with the Wisconsin Supreme Court election, voters across the state have three questions on the 2023 ballot: two would amend the state's constitution and the other is a non-binding referendum.

Thursday March 30, 2023

Jeff Mandell and Frederica Freyberg sit facing each other on the Here & Now set.


‘Here & Now’ Highlights: Dr. Greg DeMuri, Michael Lazzeri, Jeff Mandell

Here's what guests on the March 10, 2023 episode said about vaccinating children for meningitis and chickenpox, rising child labor violations at state and national levels, and an ethics complaint filed against a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice.

Monday March 13, 2023

A yard sign with the word Vote and an arrow stands next to a snow-covered shrub, with concrete and brick walls in the background.


What you need to know about Wisconsin’s 2023 spring primary election

'Here & Now' has covered the Wisconsin Supreme Court election along with primaries for a state Senate seat and Madison mayor leading up to the Feb. 21 vote — explore reporting about the candidates and races.

Tuesday February 21, 2023

Mark Born and Frederica Freyberg sit in chairs in an office with a Wisconsin flags, a bookcase with portraits, and a computer desk with keyboard and screen in the background, and a meeting table with more chairs in the foreground.


‘Here & Now’ Highlights: Rep. Mark Born

Here's what a guest on the Feb. 17, 2022 episode said about the 2023 state budget proposed by Gov. Tony Evers and how Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature plan to pass a different plan.

Monday February 20, 2023

Four side-by-side images show portraits of Robin Vos, Greta Neubauer, Devin LeMahieu and Melissa Agard.


‘Here & Now’ Highlights: Robin Vos, Greta Neubauer, Devin LeMahieu, Melissa Agard

Here's what the Republican and Democratic members of leadership in the Wisconsin Legislature said about the state's 2023 biennial budget process, spring elections and political outlook.

Tuesday January 3, 2023

An illustration shows letters spelling Here and Now with a background shaded from burgundy to yellow and with 2022 highlights in white type.


PBS Wisconsin reporters share their 2022 highlights

Looking back at their reporting over the previous 12 months, PBS Wisconsin Here & Now journalists point to their coverage of the election, economy, Ukraine, abortion and much more as standing out in another tumultuous year.

Friday December 23, 2022

A sandwich board sign with a U.S. flag and the words Vote Here stands next to a masonry wall alongside the walkway to a building entrance.

Here and Now 2022

What you need to know about Wisconsin’s 2022 midterm elections

'Here & Now' has closely followed candidates and issues leading up to the Nov. 8 vote — explore reporting about the state's political conditions and movement since the primary.

Tuesday November 8, 2022

Highway signs for U.S. Interstate 41 North as well as U.S. Highway 41 North and U.S. Highway 45 North stand next to a road in spring, with houses and leafless trees in the background.


Maps: Wisconsin’s 2022 Republican primaries for governor and attorney general

The victories by Tim Michels and Eric Toney in the partisan primaries for two statewide seats reflect long-standing geographic patterns among voters around the state.

Tuesday August 16, 2022

A split screen shows Frederica Freyberg and Tammy Baldwin in different locations.


Here & Now Highlights: US Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Ann Jacobs, Dr. Christopher Ford

Here's what guests on the July 29, 2022 episode said about efforts to enshrine same-sex marriage, election fraud activists who admitted to committing election fraud, and how ER doctors are preparing for more complications among pregnant patients as abortion access decreases.

Monday August 1, 2022

Fast Facts: Wisconsin’s record low unemployment


Fast Facts: Wisconsin’s record low unemployment

The number of unemployed people in Wisconsin has hit its lowest levels recorded for two consecutive months, an economic measure that has recovered following a brief pandemic spike even as inflation and other indicators trend in different directions.

Wednesday June 1, 2022

Fast Facts: Wisconsin’s rising housing costs


Fast Facts: Wisconsin’s rising housing costs

The price of a place to live is on the rise in Wisconsin, in terms of both real estate and rent, as changing demographics help drive high demand amid a limited housing supply, with each factor intensified in the wake of the pandemic.

Friday April 15, 2022

Fast Facts: Replacing Wisconsin’s juvenile detention centers


Fast Facts: Replacing Wisconsin’s juvenile detention centers

The city of Milwaukee is slated to be the site of a new state juvenile correctional facility, replacing the Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake institutions in north-central Wisconsin. The legislative path toward this replacement plan took years, though, interrupted by the pandemic and enmeshed in politics even amid bipartisan support. Here's a summary of how it happened.

Wednesday March 30, 2022

From left to right, a split screen with Frederica Freyberg and Barry Burden seated in different locations


‘Here & Now’ Highlights: Jake Baggott, Will Cushman, Karola Kreitmair, Barry Burden

Here's what guests on the Jan. 21, 2022 episode had to say about returning UW-Madison students in the midst of the Omicron surge, whether it has yet to peak in Wisconsin, medical ethics involved in treating COVID-19 patients and why the state figures so prominently in the national politics of election practices.

Monday January 24, 2022

An illustration shows letters spelling Here and Now with a background shaded from burgundy to yellow and with 2021 highlights in white type.


PBS Wisconsin reporters share their 2021 highlights

Looking back at their work over the course of the year, reporters point to their coverage of the wolf hunt, rural broadband expansion efforts, covid vaccination patterns, baseball history, the community climate in Kenosha, strained hospital capacity, the pardon process and special education funding as memorable.

Thursday December 30, 2021

An illustration shows blue and cream letters spelling Here and Now with 2021 stories in white type.


The most-read PBS Wisconsin news stories of 2021

During a busy and challenging year, online audiences gravitated toward stories covering the consequences of varying COVID-19 vaccination rates, government responses to the pandemic, a high-priced home building boom, the state's political geography, Afghan refugees and a worrisome worm.

Wednesday December 29, 2021

An illustration shows blue and red letters spelling Here and Now with 2021 interviews in white type.


The most-watched ‘Here & Now’ interviews of 2021

Discussions about COVID-19 variants and vaccines, education policy across Wisconsin and the Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha captured the attention of viewers over the course of another tumultuous year.

Tuesday December 28, 2021

An electron micrograph of COVID-19 viroids on a cellular surface is superimposed by a cutout graphic of an antique syringe with astrological gender symbols on its handle.


What’s causing a gender gap in Wisconsin’s covid vaccinations?

More women are getting COVID-19 vaccinations than men around the state, and factors like age, job, politics and attitude toward health care each play a role in this persistent phenomenon.

Tuesday November 30, 2021

A sidewalk sign reading COVID-19 Vaccine Enter Here stands in front of a building entrance.


Wisconsin’s Covid Condition: The Delta Outbreak Declines Slowly, More Booster Shots Are Recommended

The state's numbers of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are starting to drop slowly from their early autumn highs, with more protection from the disease imminent as the FDA and CDC recommend more options for fully vaccinated people to get an additional dose and mix-and-match vaccine types.

Friday October 22, 2021

A nurse prepares a syringe in a storage room with theater costumes hanging in the background.


Wisconsin’s Covid Condition: The Delta Variant Prompts Fears of Pandemic Deja Vu

Health care professionals and officials are bracing for COVID-19 patient numbers to continue rising in the state’s largest wave of infections in nearly a year as students return to classes.

Friday September 3, 2021

Underwater photo of divers looking down at a shipwreck


How the Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast Emerged From a Sharp Political Squall

A National Marine Sanctuary established off the shores of Lake Michigan to protect and promote dozens of sites where historic sunken ships sit at the bottom followed a years-long saga of local disputes and whiplash in support at the state and federal levels.

Tuesday July 13, 2021

Gloved hands holding syringe inject a COVID-19 vaccine into an upper arm.


Wisconsin’s Covid Condition: The Pandemic Recedes in its Second Summer

New COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all hitting their lowest reported levels in the state, but with only about half of Wisconsinites vaccinated for the coronavirus, public health authorities are urging more people to do so as the Delta variant looms.

Friday June 25, 2021

An illustration with two figures from the Wisconsin coat of arms leaning on a shield with a button reading COVID-19 vaccinated.


The Peculiar Divergence In COVID Vaccinations Around Milwaukee’s Republican Hinterland

A link between partisan politics and coronavirus vaccinations at the national level has become increasingly recognized, but a slew of additional factors are playing a role in Wisconsin's largest metro area.

Thursday June 10, 2021

Cracks in dry soil on footpath surrounded by green grass and weeds


A Wet Decade Shifts To Drought In Southern Wisconsin

Following the state's wettest decade on record, lower-than-normal precipitation in the spring of 2021 is leading drought conditions to emerge in agricultural areas reliant on steady rains.

Monday June 7, 2021

Electronic micrope image of novel coronavirus particles covering an infected cell


The Difference Between Wisconsin’s ‘Confirmed’ and ‘Probable’ COVID-19 Data

Efforts to count coronavirus cases and deaths around the state indicate the varying degrees of certainty that can be attributed to individual circumstances as public health agencies keep up with day-to-day rhythms of the pandemic.

Thursday May 13, 2021

A screenshot of John Johnson, Sr. giving the 2021 State of the Tribes address in the Wisconsin Assembly chambers


History Is at the Heart of Wisconsin’s 2021 State of the Tribes Address

In a speech to the state Legislature, Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa President John D. Johnson, Sr. connects the principles of tribal sovereignty to contemporary issues important to Native communities.

Tuesday May 11, 2021

COVID VACCINE sign with arrow and people standing in line outside buidling


How Does Hesitancy Fit Into Wisconsin’s COVID-19 Vaccination Trends?

Here & Now Extra: Differences by age, race, gender and politics in terms of who is getting coronavirus vaccines around the state align with national trends and polling, while pointing toward potential gaps going forward.

Friday April 23, 2021

Poster-style illustration of Jill Underly speaking at podium


Map: A Closer Look at Wisconsin’s 2021 State Superintendent Election Results

The vote for Jill Underly over Deborah Kerr in the election to lead the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction reflected the partisan nature of the race to some degree, but there were also several divergences from typical geographic patterns.

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Bumper stickers reading I got me COVID-19 vaccine #SavingLives shared by the Clark County Health Department


Where Is Wisconsin’s COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Lagging — And Why?

With universal eligibility starting April 5, the pace of coronavirus shots is speeding up everywhere in the state, but rates have been stubbornly lower in Clark, Rusk and Taylor counties.

Tuesday March 30, 2021

Patients stand in line to sign up for coronavirus vaccinations at a community clinic at Lambeau Field.


Northeast Wisconsin’s Coronavirus Vaccinations Get a Boost at Lambeau Field

Here & Now Extra: By the end of June, a community clinic at the home of the Green Bay Packers is gearing up to vaccinate tens of thousands of people from around the region.

Tuesday March 23, 2021

A transmission electron micrograph of a SARS-CoV-2 virus particle B.1.1.7 variant with the virus particle highlighted in yellow and its spike proteins in green against a blue background.


A Sprint Between Variants and Vaccinations Extends Wisconsin’s COVID-19 Marathon

Here & Now Extra: As newer and more virulent coronavirus strains gain a foothold in the state, public health researchers hope tracking efforts and vaccinations can keep pace.

Tuesday March 16, 2021

A WIAA 2017 Sectional stencil on the infield dirt of a softball field in Watertown


How Is Title IX Relevant to Wisconsin’s Transgender Student-Athlete Bills?

Here & Now Extra: Shifting federal policies on a landmark anti-discrimination law have played a role in a wave of state-level legislation restricting participation in school sports.

Tuesday March 9, 2021

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