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A U.S. flag flies on a flagpole next to a single-story metal-sided building with double doors, four windows and a sign reading Town of Watertown, with two small trees in front and more trees in the background.

Why did so many Wisconsin towns have referendums about clerks in 2022?

A shrinking number of prospective candidates and the stresses of recent years are leading town governments to pursue appointing rather than electing their municipal clerks — residents in most of these communities agreed with this change.

Don Millis on certifying Wisconsin’s 2022 election results

Don Millis on certifying Wisconsin's 2022 election results

Wisconsin Elections Commission chair Don Millis, a Republican appointee, discusses county canvassing of the 2022 vote and what's in store for the agency given the…

Three side-by-side images show Derrick Van Orden speaking into a microphone with seated audience members in the background.

What's next for Derrick Van Orden in Congress after winning Wisconsin's 3rd

Here & Now extra: The winning Republican candidate for a U.S. House seat in western and central swaths of the state is getting ready to serve in the majority while Democratic candidate Brad Pfaff thinks his party can learn from the close margin in this 2022 race.

Amber Wichowsky on impacts of young Wisconsin voters in 2022

Amber Wichowsky on impacts of young Wisconsin voters in 2022

Marquette University political science professor Amber Wichowsky explains how youth voter turnout was a key factor in a midterm election that reflected Wisconsin's increasingly divided…

Tarion O’Carroll on working to obtain clean drinking water

Tarion O'Carroll on working to obtain clean drinking water

Nelsonville resident Tarion O'Carroll describes how nitrate contamination in the area compels him to regularly visit an artesian well in another community in order to supply household water needs.

James Small on staffing Wisconsin’s volunteer EMS systems

James Small on staffing Wisconsin's volunteer EMS systems

Wisconsin Office of Rural Health EMS outreach manager James Small describes how emergency medical systems that rely on volunteers are struggling to maintain operations in…

Nelsonville’s water woes: Finding nitrate pollution in wells

Nelsonville's water woes: Finding nitrate pollution in wells

Residents of a central Wisconsin village are finding dangerous levels of a common agricultural pollutant in their drinking water and are left trying to filter their supplies or find new sources.

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Collage of images of Cuban refugees

In 1980, there was an exodus of Cubans who left their homes for the United States as part of the Mariel Boatlift. This includes almost 15,000 Cuban refugees who were sent to Fort McCoy in Sparta, Wisconsin. In this podcast, Cubans who remained in the area share untold stories about their early lives, moving to Wisconsin, and what life has been like since they’ve been living here in limbo.

Open and Shut Podcast

Open and Shut
“Open and Shut” is a narrative, seven-part investigative series following two district attorneys in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley and their impact on victims, the accused and the justice system. “Open and Shut” is a joint production of Wisconsin Watch and WPR.

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Not Enough Apologies: Trauma Stories

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Portraits From Rural Wisconsin

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