In January 2015, PBS Wisconsin launched a door-to-door PBS outreach program by sending a few professional canvassers into neighborhoods across Dane County.

Our community canvass program allows us to personally convey the importance of public television and quality programming to thousands of people every week. By committing to contribute through one of our canvassers you help us further our mission to enrich the lives of people all across our state through engaging and essential programs, services, and community partnerships that inform, enlighten, and entertain.

Meet Our Canvassers

Erin Barndt

ID: 440-40-396

Ryan Eykholt

ID: 440-40-363

Hunter Hildebrandt

ID: 440-40-367

Trever Hutcheson

ID: 440-40-001

PBS Wisconsin Canvasser Kendra Inman

Kendra Inman

ID: 440-40-531

PBS Wisconsin Canvasser Uriel Johnson

Uriel Johnson

ID: 440-40-513

WPT Canvaser May Kohler

May Kohler

ID: 440-40-479

Canvasser Robin Koppang

Robin Koppang

ID: 440-40-278

PBS Wisconsin Canvasser Shannon Lewis

Shannon Lewis

ID: 440-40-524

Kayla Petrie

ID: 440-40-297

Eric Prudent

ID: 440-40-002

Robertson Shepherd

ID: 440-40-251

Andrew Voss

ID: 440-40-455

Warren Young

ID: 440-40-530