Our volunteers help keep the “public” in public television!

Whether it’s assisting with our Auction, working at Quilt Expo, or covering the phones during our pledge drives, we could use your help.

Mae J. Laatch

Mae J. Laatsch

Meet PBS Wisconsin’s 2019 Volunteer of the Year!

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Photo from the 2018 WPT Volunteer Picnic

“Wisconsin Public Television makes learning new things fascinating and fun, often when you least expect it.”

—Volunteer Letter to PBS Wisconsin


PBS Wisconsin Online Auction

Jan 06 - Jun 14, 2020

Volunteers make our Online Auction happen! Each spring, PBS Wisconsin hosts its annual auction fundraiser. More than 700 businesses donate thousands of items that are sold online to raise funding that supports PBS Wisconsin’s programming and activities. Volunteering for Auction is a unique and exciting way to support the station.

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