Honor and Memorial Gifts

A donation to PBS Wisconsin on behalf of another person can be a meaningful way to honor someone you love and respect. It’s a gift that continues to give and grow, touching tens of thousands of lives every day.


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Honor Gifts

Donations made in honor of a person can be used to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or as a unique Christmas present. They can also mark a graduation, birth, or any special occasion.

When you make this kind of donation, simply indicate that you are making the donation “In Honor of” someone. If you give us a name and mailing address, we will send the person or family member a notice of your donation.

Memorial Gifts

For someone who has passed away, a donation made in memory of them can be made by friends and family in lieu of flowers.

Suggested Obituary Language
If you would like to direct family and friends to make memorial gifts to PBS Wisconsin, the following is suggested language for an obituary or other tribute:

“In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made to PBS Wisconsin in memory of {deceased name} to provide our state with free access to programs that educate, inform and entertain. Send your gift to: PBS Wisconsin, PO Box 7929, Madison, WI 53707-7929.”

If you have questions or would like to be notified of gifts received in memory of your loved one, please contact PBS Wisconsin’s Donor Services at 800-422-9707 or [email protected].