Gaby Vinick

Gaby Vinick is a student journalist at PBS Wisconsin.

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A trio of banners depicting Bucky Badger are placed between pillars on the facade of Bascom Hall on the UW-Madison campus, with a blue sky with a few clouds in the background.


New UW-Madison chancellor Mnookin talks diplomacy, diversity and academic freedom

Jennifer L. Mnookin responded to criticisms from multiple Republican lawmakers following her appointment as chancellor of the state's flagship university, emphasizing her work as a "connector" who builds bridges.

Tuesday May 17, 2022

Nurses rally at Wisconsin Capitol


Nurses rally at Wisconsin Capitol

Nurses rallied at the Wisconsin State Capitol, calling for safer staffing levels, higher wages and more affordable education.

Friday May 13, 2022

Protestors stand in a crowd with one holding a sign that reads You Can't Ban Abortion, You Can Only Ban Safe Abortion.


Abortion takes center stage in Wisconsin after U.S. Supreme Court revelation

Public uproar swiftly followed the leak of a draft opinion from the nation's high court that would overturn Roe v. Wade, one of the most controversial personal and political issues of the past half-century.

Thursday May 12, 2022

A contractor wearing a safety helmet carries plywood in the hallway of a house while approaching a drop-down ladder extending from an attic entrance.


Home retrofits are a burgeoning business in the campaign against climate change

Entrepreneurs and government programs in Wisconsin are connecting with homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce carbon emissions – in Milwaukee, this work connects with efforts to improve community equity.

Tuesday May 10, 2022

Two children stand in front of a table stacked with food boxes set up next to a large van parked on the side of a road.


Inflation hits Wisconsin food pantries and the families they support

Even as economic indicators improve two years after the pandemic started, many lower income households continue to struggle with food insecurity as consumer prices rise.

Tuesday April 26, 2022

Voters stand in lines behind tables inside a large room.


Beset by the pandemic, personal threats and politics, local clerks focus on elections

Here & Now extra: As political furor over the 2020 vote continues, elections officials around Wisconsin are experiencing burnout, prompting an ad campaign to promote their service to their communities – the clerks for Rock County and the city of Janesville share their experiences amid these stresses.

Tuesday April 5, 2022

A brown cow with ear tags standing in a grass field with other cows in the background looks into the camera.


Wisconsin loses more dairy farms in 2021, with the total down by a third since 2014

Global economic instability fueled first by the pandemic and then by war in Ukraine are the latest shocks to the state's dairy industry, which has seen an ongoing decline in the number of operations even as milk production hits new highs.

Tuesday March 29, 2022

Dina Martinez uses tongs to place a donut on a small plate while another restaurant worker prepares a coffee drink.


Despite staffing and supply woes, Madison restaurants find hope as covid recedes

After two years of weathering reduced demand and public health rules during a pandemic, restaurant owners and workers in a city that prides itself on its dining scene are optimistic about their prospects as another spring begins.

Thursday March 3, 2022

A crowd gathers below a statue holding Ukrainian and American flags and signs with messages supporting Ukrainians.


Wisconsin demonstrators express solidarity with Ukrainians, outrage at Russian invasion

Led by members of the Ukrainian diaspora, a rally at the Capitol in Madison was among several held across the state denouncing Russia's military aggression against the independent nation and showing support for those threatened by violence.

Monday February 28, 2022

Statement to the Communities We Serve

There is no place for racism in our society. We must work together as a community to ensure we no longer teach, or tolerate it.  Read the full statement.