Hannah Ritvo


Hannah Ritvo is a Next Generation Public Media Fellowship reporter for PBS Wisconsin.

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Why is Madison considered a climate haven going forward?


Why is Madison considered a climate haven going forward?

Madison, Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region are increasingly touted as a refuge from impacts of climate change, but extreme weather, housing shortages and other issues loom as more people move.

Friday May 17, 2024

Students stand and walk along a concrete sidewalk with metal fences on either side in front of a multi-story brick building with multiple wings, with a tree on a lawn to the side.


Diversity in Wisconsin’s high schools and the future of DEI in higher education

As political battles churn over funding for diversity, equity and inclusion at the Universities of Wisconsin, changing demographics influence how K-12 educators prepare new generations of college students.

Thursday February 22, 2024

A metal box with a delivery slot at its top and a graphic of the U.S. flag with a sign reading City of Neenah and Official Ballot Drop Box on its front stands in front of a brick wall with a painting of a building and trees.


Ballot drop box disinformation and the fight over voting in Wisconsin

A 2022 ruling by the state's high court that halted the use of drop boxes to collect absentee ballots did not have retroactive effects on previous elections despite the false claims made by those who deny the outcome of the 2020 presidential vote.

Monday January 22, 2024

The U.S., Wisconsin, and Progress Pride flags wave in wind on a flagpole in front of the Wisconsin Capitol dome topped by a statue titled Wisconsin, with a partly cloudy sky in the background.


Wisconsin and the national battle over access to gender-affirming care for children

Here & Now extra: Model legislation called the "Help Not Harm Act" is the basis for a bill passed by both chambers of the state Legislature that would prohibit gender-affirming surgeries for minors in Wisconsin.

Thursday November 16, 2023

Statement to the Communities We Serve

There is no place for racism in our society. We must work together as a community to ensure we no longer teach, or tolerate it.  Read the full statement.