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Introducing 30 days of fitness with ‘Quick Fit With Cassy’

July 15, 2022 Tara Lovdahl Leave a Comment

Written by Cassy Vieth

Studies show low to moderate intensity fitness routines for as little as 15-30 minutes, 3-5 days a week cause measurable improvements to one’s health.

Ready to start a fitness routine but not sure what to do? Try this Quick Fit With Cassy 30-day fitness challenge. It’s all planned out! All you have to do is plan the time.  

Remember, the keys are movement and consistency for lasting benefits. So join me daily, for simple and easy fitness routines from Quick Fit With Cassy.

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Week 1

Full Body: Begin Your Fitness Journey

Balance: Balance Exercises for Ready Reflexes

Shoulders: Gentle Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

Low Back: Core & Lower Back Exercises

Feet: Foot Care Class

Hips: Strong Hip Stabilizers

Week 2

Core: Learn to Engage Your Core

Legs: Powerful Legs & Glutes

Neck: Relief for a Stiff Neck

Triceps: Strengthen Your Triceps

Hamstrings: Stretch & Lengthen Tight Hamstrings

Full Body: Improve Your Coordination

fitness instructor Cassy Vieth smiling while demonstrating a floor exercise

Week 3

Glutes: Strengthen Your Glutes Chair Workout

Balance: Daily Balance Training

Calves: Build Calf Strength & Flexibility

Thoracic Spine: Stretches to Improve Poor Posture

Hands: Relieve Hand Pain & Tone Your Arms

Cardio: Beginner’s Aerobic Workout

Cassy Vieth twists as she exercises on a chair

Week 4

Full Body Stretch: A 9-Minute Full Body Stretch

Feet: Foot Strengthening Exercises

Upper Body: 8-Minute Arm Toning Workout

Mobility: Get Down to the Floor & Back Up with Ease

Relaxing: Wake Up Glorious – Morning Stretches

High Energy: A Quick Chair Aerobics Workout

Cassy Vieth stretches her wingspan

Week 5

Upper Body: Arm Toning Workout at Home

Cardio: Build Endurance with Light Cardio

Core: Stretches for a More Flexible Torso

Knees: Stretch Your Way to Pain-Free Knees

Balance: Workout to Improve Your Balance

Full Body: Muscle Conditioning for Powerful Movement

Cassy Vieth lifts her body off a chair using her arms behind her back

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