No Place Like Home

Safer at Home on the Front Porch: A Photo Essay

Eric Schwierske is a PBS Wisconsin Media Production Engineer. Photography is his hobby. Here’s what Schwierske had to say about this photo essay for the No Place Like Home project:

By Eric Schwierske

May 11, 2020

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Andrew, Taylor, Z & Rae (Eric Schwierske 2020)

Andrew, Taylor, Z & Rae (Eric Schwierske 2020)


This project started out of a desire to see loved ones face to face from a safe distance. Visiting with friends and family was a way for me to create distinction between my time working from home and free time at home. Capturing these photos allowed me to use one of my talents to document people outside the place where they are spending almost all of their time. Surprisingly, everyone I talked to was willing to be a subject and no one gave a second thought to the clothes they were wearing or what they looked like in the photo. All the smiles you see in the album came as natural as I have ever seen in my time as a photographer. For me, a big takeaway was the optimism I encountered on every porch. While it was clear that everyone longed for a day with more in-person social contact, there was an unsaid consensus that we would be all right, and come out stronger on the other side.

Aunt MaryEric Schwierske 2020
Ella & ScottEric Schwierske 2020
Aunt Sara & Uncle DennisEric Schwierske 2020
Curt (PBS Wisconsin employee) & KateEric Schwierske 2020
Mom & DadEric Schwierske 2020
RennEric Schwierske 2020
LizEric Schwierske 2020
Anya & NickEric Schwierske 2020
Mike & CherylEric Schwierske 2020
ReddingEric Schwierske 2020
Katherine & TommyEric Schwierske 2020
Matt & VivianEric Schwierske 2020
Maryellen, Carl & JacobEric Schwierske 2020
Sarah & FinnEric Schwierske 2020
Nick & ElaineEric Schwierske 2020
Rachael (PBS Wisconsin employee)Eric Schwierske 2020
Jim, Johnny, Mary Alice (PBS Wisconsin employee) & JimmyEric Schwierske 2020
SarahEric Schwierske 2020
MikeEric Schwierske 2020
Lee & Grandma BevEric Schwierske 2020
Cheri & JimEric Schwierske 2020
Matt, Jess, John, Lilly & BuddyEric Schwierske 2020
Cari, Eloise, Schuyler & GarrisonEric Schwierske 2020
Sarah & AdamEric Schwierske 2020
ConnorEric Schwierske 2020
Dan, Julie & OscarEric Schwierske 2020

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