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Breaking: Wisconsinites React to Joe Biden Winning the Presidency

By Will Kenneally, Marisa Wojcik

November 7, 2020

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden at a drive-in rally at Cellairis Amphitheatre - Atlanta, GA - Oct. 27, 2020. (Courtesy: Adam Schultz / Biden for President)

The Associated Press has called Pennsylvania and the race for the White House for Democrat Joe Biden.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes put the former vice president over the 270 votes he needed to win. Nevada, with its six electoral votes, added to the Democratic candidate’s win.

“With the campaign over, it’s time to put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation,” Biden said in a statement.

He is expected to address the nation Saturday at 7 p.m. central time.

The president released a statement in the wake of the news, promising a legal challenge to ensure all legal votes, and no illegal votes, are counted in the election.

“The simple face is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts,” he said in a statement.

The Trump campaign has indicated they will pursue a recount in Wisconsin, which was decided by less than a percentage point. Because the margin was larger than 0.25% however, the president’s campaign will have to pay for the cost of a recount.

Municipal and county elections officials are still in the process of certifying Tuesday’s results, and the president’s campaign can file for a recount within one day after the final county completes its certification process.

The state will certify the election results by Dec. 1.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers congratulated the Democratic ticket on the presidential win.

“We’re returning kindness, respect, and compassion back to the White House. It’s time to move forward together,” he said.

Reactions Around the State:

In Madison, demonstrators celebrated Biden’s win and protested the results.

Mayor Tom Barrett spoke to a crowd in Milwaukee.

This story is developing and will be updated.

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