Cassy bends at the knees and hips as she stretches one arm forward.

30 Days of Fitness With Cassy: May 2023

April 28, 2023 Tara Lovdahl Leave a Comment

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For those of us who love to go for long walks or run outside, May is the best time of year. The last feeling of winter has finally passed, and we’re still miles away from the dog days of summer.

This month’s Quick Fit calendar will keep you loose and prevent injuries whether you are ready to hit the trails or just enjoy the warmer weather.

Week 1 Workouts

Click on the images below to watch each video.

Left, "Wake Up Glorious - Morning Stretches," right, Cassy kneels on the floor and stretches her arm over her head, behind her back.

Left, "Advanced Balance Exercises," right, Cassy leans forward on one foot, with her arms stretched wide.

Left, "Relief for a Stiff Neck," right, a close up of Cassy pressing a palm into her forehead.

Left, "Warmup Stretches for Runners - Part 1," right, Cassy crosses one foot over the other and bends at the waist to stretch her arms down to a chair.

Left, "Strengthen Your Core to do More," right, Cassy sits reverse on a chair and stretches her arms in opposite directions, one towards the ceiling.

Left, "Release Tight Hips with These 8 Moves," right, Cassy sits on a chair and twists her torso behind as she crosses one knee over the other.

Quick Fit With CassyWorkout Calendar

Thumbnail for the Quick Fit Fitness Calendar, May 2023

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