Cassy Vieth stretches with one hand over her head and the other extended in front of her

30 Days of Fitness With Cassy: April 2023

March 28, 2023 Tara Lovdahl Leave a Comment

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Spring is finally in full swing, and I love the way it smells this time of year. Let’s draw inspiration from the renewed energy all around us and take in deep lungfuls of the fresh earth smell.

In fact, extend each of your stretching movements with focused, deep breathing of the fresh Spring air and see what a difference it makes when you remember to do it for every workout!

Week 1 Workouts

Click on the images below to watch each video.

Left, "A Quick Stretch Break at Your Desk," right, Cassy stands at a desk, stretching her leg on top of it.

Left, "Strength and Balance Exercises," right, Cassy twists her torso and lifts the heel of one foot.

Left, "Upper Body Workout for Shoulder Pain," right, Cassy presses her elbow against a doorframe.

Left, "Healing Moves for Legs & Core," right, laying on the ground, Cassy lifts her pelvis towards the ceiling.

Left, "Build Endurance with Light Cardio," right, Cassy's legs, with one lifted in a running motion.

Left, "Decompress Your Hip Joints," right, Cassy stands with one hand on a chair and the other behind her as she twists her torso.

Quick Fit With CassyWorkout Calendar

A thumbnail of the April 2023 Quick Fit With Cassy Workout Calendar.

Ready to continue with the next five weeks of Quick Fit With Cassy?Download the full PDF calendar!

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