States of Democracy: Wisconsin

Voters are deciding on a new Wisconsin Supreme Court justice on April 4 — WNET's "States of Democracy" podcast talks to "Here & Now" senior political reporter Zac Schultz about the state's 2023 spring election.

By Zac Schultz

April 4, 2023

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States of Democracy

By Molly Enking, WNET

Join host Molly Enking along with PBS and public media reporters from all 50 states, as they wade through the murky and often confusing world of state legislatures and voting laws. This new interview series is brought to you by Preserving Democracy, a public media initiative by the WNET Group, that tracks efforts at all levels of government to both limit and protect voter participation in America.

First up, we’ll visit Wisconsin, where two very important elections are coming up on April 4. Voters will decide on a new Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, and their choice might ultimately impact the 2024 presidential election — maybe that’s why candidates are smashing campaign spending records in this race. And, in a Milwaukee suburb, a special election will determine whether Republicans will win a two-thirds majority in the state senate, giving them, among other things, the power to impeach local officials. We’ll get into all that and more, with our guest, PBS Wisconsin senior political reporter Zac Schultz.

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