Sen. Melissa Agard on the 2024 election cycle in Wisconsin

State Sen. Melissa Agard, D-Madison, the former Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader, discusses the high profile of the 2024 elections and the messages that Democrats in the Legislature have for voters.

By Zac Schultz | Here & Now

December 4, 2023

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Zac Schultz:
What is your overall look at what the 2024 campaign will look like in Wisconsin because there's a potential of a Biden/Trump rematch at the top of the ticket. Tammy Baldwin still doesn't have a big name opponent and potential for the entire legislature to be up. There's a lot of different things in play as to what next fall could bring.

State Sen. Melissa Agard:
Yeah, I think that people's TVs are gonna have an awful lot of commercials on 'em. The radios are gonna be talking about the politics here in Wisconsin, folks' mailboxes are gonna be pretty full of literature that's gonna be hitting them. It's gonna be a little overwhelming. I imagine that after the election in November, people are gonna be ready to not be talking about politics for a while. But it's also an exciting time. It's an opportunity for us to really be thinking about the moral frame. What is it that we want Wisconsin to be looking like, not just today, but into the future?

Zac Schultz:
For the past few election cycles, the theme for Democrats and the Legislature has been "Preserve the veto power of the governor." Do you see an opportunity to actually have a different message to voters about why to vote for Democrats?

State Sen. Melissa Agard:
Yes. It's clear to me after serving as a Democratic leader in the Senate, that Democrats and the Legislature are really working for the people of Wisconsin, that the policies that we are being champions of are the things that folks are really concerned about at their tables and in their lives. So we do have an opportunity, I think, to really lift up the voices and the values of people all across the state of Wisconsin as opposed to continuing this lopsidedness that currently exists in the Capitol. If you look at top of the ticket election results in the state of Wisconsin, as you pointed out, Justice Protasewicz winning with a stunning 11 points, but even the governor and the attorney general, usually it's within a point or two, but in the Legislature, it's two-thirds Republicans and one-third Democrats in both houses. That does not represent what it is the people of Wisconsin want, and I think that this election is gonna provide a real reset.

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