Gov. Tony Evers on consequences of redistricting decisions

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers discusses the recent history of redistricting in the state, recounting actions taken by Democratic and Republican lawmakers that determined the political balance of power.

By Zac Schultz | Here & Now

February 21, 2024

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Gov. Tony Evers:
Today is a day that I believe will define our state's future. But before I get there, Wisconsinites, I want to begin with a little bit of history. In, excuse me, 2009, on the eve of the 2010 U.S. Census, Democrats had unified control of the executive branch and the majorities of both the houses, both houses of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Heading into the 2010 elections, that Democrat trifecta was faced with a choice, secure fairness for posterity or weight, and hold out for the possibility of retaining power for another decade. And we know how that story ended. In 2010, Republicans swept control of the executive branch and both houses of the Legislature, giving Republicans control over the map drawing process that went on to define our state for a generation. Republicans set up shop behind closed doors with high paid attorneys, made their Republican members sign secrecy pledges, and used technology and algorithms that draw some of the most undemocratic, gerrymandered legislative maps in the United States of America.

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