Dahlia Saba on Gaza solidarity demonstrations at UW-Madison

UW-Madison graduate student and Students for Justice in Palestine spokesperson Dahlia Saba discusses why protestors continued to assemble on campus after police officers moved to end an encampment.

By Aditi Debnath | Here & Now

May 1, 2024 • South Central Region

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Dahlia Saba:
I want to emphasize that we are here specifically today for the people of Palestine. We have seen protestors across the country being brutally assaulted by police and that is horrific and it is important that we ground all of the struggle and all of the university response to these encampments in the fact that these universities, there's simply refusing to end their complicity with the genocide that's going on right now.

Aditi Debnath:
And last question, do you have a message to Palestinian students on campus?

Dahlia Saba:
I encourage Palestinian students on campus to make their voices heard. I think the university has encouraged us to stay silent by threatening us by implicitly making us feel like our lives aren't valued with statements made by the university and so I encourage Palestinian students to speak up and to know that we are out here, the community is out here and together we can fight for a Palestine.

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