County Executive David Crowley on perceptions of Milwaukee

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley shares his perspective about how he hopes Wisconsinites will view the state's largest metro area as an economic hub and tourism destination in 2024 and beyond.

By Frederica Freyberg | Here & Now

December 13, 2023 • Southeast Region

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Frederica Freyberg:
What is your message to all of Wisconsin about Milwaukee now and going forward?

County Executive David Crowley:
Well, I think it's very clear that we want folks all across the state of Wisconsin to look at Milwaukee County as a partner in the work that we're doing. A strong Milwaukee means that we're gonna have a strong state of Wisconsin at the exact same time, and so we're not doing this work alone and we recognize that, and that we are partners with every municipality within Milwaukee County and that surrounds this entire state. And so, it is my hope that we can continue to foster authentic, genuine dialogue, to be able to tackle many of the issues that directly affect our entire state, but more importantly, really changing the narrative and the perception of who we are and what we absolutely contribute to the state of Wisconsin. We wanna be that destination of not just folks who wanna be employed by great companies that are here, but a destination for folks to be able to enjoy the events, enjoy our nightlife, and the restaurants, and our dining experiences that we have to offer, and so we're focusing on that, and I'm really excited what these next couple of years are going to offer because of the partnerships that we have been creating since I have become county executive.

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