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Tiger-tastic! ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ launches sixth season in September with “Top Ten Tiger Tales”

August 22, 2022 Becky Marburger Leave a Comment

Hop aboard Trolley as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood kicks off its sixth season with a week of all-new episodes beginning Sept. 5. Stream the episodes wherever you watch PBS KIDS, including PBS Wisconsin PBS KIDS 24/7 (PBS Wisconsin-4) and the free PBS KIDS Video App.

Learn how to download the episodes for free on the PBS KIDS Video App!

Prior to the season six launch, join us on PBS Wisconsin PBS KIDS 24/7 for PBS KIDS Family night from 6-8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2. Watch two favorite Daniel Tiger movies: “Daniel Tiger Visits a New Neighborhood” and “Won’t You Be Our Neighbor.”

Then on Sept. 3 beginning at 1 p.m., watch a grr-ific marathon of “Top Ten Tiger Tales,” a special programming event that will showcase 10 fan-chosen episodes from over the years – including the very first story, “Daniel’s Birthday”; classics such as “The Baby is Here” and “Daniel Visits the Doctor”; and newer favorites like “Daniel’s New Friend Max.”

Daniel Tiger and Friends at Day camp

“Daniel Goes to Day Camp/Daniel’s Rainy Day at Camp.”

Season six of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will include 18 new, 30-minute episodes. The first four available Sept. 5-8 are:

  • “Daniel’s New Babysitter/Daniel Sleeps at the Treehouse.”
  • “Daniel Feels Worried About Mom/Jodi Loses Benji.”
  • “Jodi Tries Ballet/Daniel Tries Something New with Grandpere.”
  • “Daniel Goes to Day Camp/Daniel’s Rainy Day at Camp.”

Series-inspired activities and resources that extend the fun and learning for little tigers and their families will also roll out on pbskids.org/daniel and the free PBS KIDS Games App, including “Daniel Tiger’s Nature Walk,” an all-new digital game that will debut in September. Kids and families can continue to play and learn with Daniel as they discover all the interesting things there are to see outside.

19 thoughts on “Tiger-tastic! ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ launches sixth season in September with “Top Ten Tiger Tales””

    • Becky Marburger says:

      Hi, Thomas:

      At this time, we do not know when the next new episodes will come out. We will do our best to keep you posted on when they do arrive! If you are interested, you can also subscribe to this enewsletter for the latest Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood information: http://public.pbs.org/pkfp-subscribe

      Thanks, Thomas!

    • Alyssa Beno says:

      Hi Thomas, great news! DANIEL TIGER has a brand new, love-filled episode airing on Monday, May 8. The episode, “The Neighborhood Wedding,” teaches that there are many ways to say “I love you.” You can watch it on PBS Wisconsin or stream it on the PBS KIDS Video App beginning May 8. Enjoy!

    • Becky Marburger says:

      Hi Michael — This movie is not something we have heard about or received any information about from PBS KIDS. Sorry!

    • Becky Marburger says:

      Hi, Michael — PBS KIDS has not shared with us yet when the next set of new episodes will come out, and we sure hope there will be future seasons! We too love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! 🙂

    • Becky Marburger says:

      Thank you for checking back in! Unfortunately, PBS KIDS has not yet announced when additional season six episodes will air.

  • I love the 5 episodes of season 6 daniel tiger that came out last week i want to know when more will come out it started labor day and went through last week when will more come out what will the names be of the episodes

    • Becky Marburger says:

      Wonderful! The names or premiere dates of future new episodes have not been released yet, but I will make a note to share any new information we learn from PBS KIDS about the next set of new episodes.

        • Becky Marburger says:

          Hi, Michael! Thank you for following up! No new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood are set to premiere on New Year’s Day, but there will be three new episodes Jan. 9-11, 2023: Daniel Gives a Gift/Daniel Receives a Gift; Miss Elaina’s Bandage/A Fair Place to Play; and Mr. Malik Comes Back to School/Daniel’s Wintertime Walk. You can watch these episodes when they premiere on PBS Wisconsin or anytime using the free PBS KIDS Video App (pbskids.org/apps/pbs-kids-video.html).

          In regards to an episode where Daniel and his family go somewhere, perhaps you are thinking of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tiger Family Trip? (episode link: pbswisconsin.org/series/daniel-tigers-neighborhood-tiger-family-trip/) At this time, I do not see any airdates for the episode. Sorry!

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