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June 11, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

All technicalities aside, it’s summer in Wisconsin! Time for backyard cookouts, weekend road trips, summer vacations and time spent in the garden. It’s also a great season for catching up on the year’s best TV shows.

Here’s a few public television films that made a big splash this year – but may have been bumped from your ever expanding watch list. I hope you find one you like, and tell me which was your favorite show in the comments below.

Bottoms Up: Wisconsin’s Historic Bars and Breweries
This WPT production showcases several taverns throughout the state. In my opinion, it’s a show you can really interact with this summer. Give it a watch, then do some first-hand research by visiting one or two of the more interesting locations featured in the film or companion book. Watch responsibly.

Frontline “The Retirement Gamble”

As it does in every investigation, Frontline raises troubling questions about how America’s financial institutions protect our retirement savings. See how fees, self-dealing and kickbacks bring great profits to Wall Street while imperiling the prospects of a secure future for individuals.

Nature “An Original DUCKumentary”

Chances are there’s some ducks near where you work or live in Wisconsin. Watching the new hatchlings is pretty entertaining this time of year. Get an even closer look at these familiar birds as Nature follows a complete year in the life of ducks.

Independent Lens “Detropia” (expires June 17)

In the past three decades, Detroit has seen its might crumble as oil prices spiked, the auto industry declined and the middle class began to disappear. 10,000 homes have been removed. 6 million jobs lost. But the people of Detroit are not ready to give up. Discover how residents are ready to create a radically new post-industrial city.

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