Nazi Mega Weapons

July 16, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Nazi Mega Weapons at 9 p.m. starting Wednesday, July 17 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Nazi Mega WeaponsIt’s scary to think of all the technology and advancements we take away from wars. I suppose it’s only natural that people become very innovative thinkers when they think their days are literally numbered. Just imagine how productive you could be with the motivation of knowing that no, maybe it can’t wait until tomorrow. The dishes would all be taken care of, laundry neatly folded… maybe the bed would even get made.

Sometimes I wonder what else was discovered or created on accident because something just had to get done. Reminds me of all the goofy candy bar creation stories where someone “dropped” something into the wrong vat and a new delicacy was born. Just about every time I’ve swapped in random ingredients to make up for one I was missing it turned into a disaster, but surely there are some success stories out there. I’m still amazed every time I’m reminded that things like Velcro, Memory Foam and ball point pens came from NASA. With the way the Nazis sparked such a technological revolution, it will be interesting to see just how much influence they have had on our everyday lives.

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