Debate Season

October 2, 2012 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch PBS Newshour Debates 2012 at 8 p.m. starting Wednesday, Oct. 3 on Wisconsin Public Television.

Obama and RomneyIn case you hadn’t noticed the overwhelming wave of political advertisements, satire, news and volunteers asking if you’re registered to vote everywhere you go, there’s an election right around the corner. This of course means that it’s time for all the debates to begin so everyone can get their final pitch in, get their message across and get some of the undecided voters to lean their way.

Thanks to PBS Newshour, you can tune in for each of the four debates this month and get some answers from each of the candidates and find out what they’ll do if elected. Each debate is set to last around two hours and present a variety of topics to each of the candidates, the first debate focusing on domestic policy.

Don’t miss these great opportunities to become better informed on where each candidate stands on issues important to you. It doesn’t matter who you decide to vote for, everyone should be able to walk to the polls with their head held high knowing that they are making a well thought-out decision.

Presidential Debate – Wednesday, Oct. 3
Vice Presidential Debate – Thursday, Oct. 11
Presidential Debate – Tuesday, Oct. 16
Presidential Debate – Monday, Oct. 22

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