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Here & Now—our flagship weekly news program—partnered and collaborated with Associated Press, Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development, Wisconsin Public Radio, and Wisconsin Watch in 2023.

The Wisconsin Capitol at Night.
The Wisconsin Capitol at Night.
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Connecting Wisconsin residents with candidates seeking to represent them

The news team produced extensive coverage on Wisconsin’s 2023 spring election, including a contentious race for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat that would determine the ideological balance of the court.

With record-breaking voter turnout for the election, PBS Wisconsin News kept viewers up to date with election previews and results on PBS Wisconsin and online.

Images of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices.
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Wisconsin Vote now helps Wisconsin residents search the candidates that represent their address, enhancing engagement with the races that affect each community locally.


“History can help us understand why we are where we are.”

A partnership project of PBS Wisconsin and the Madison-based Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development.

Wisconsin in Black & White pairs the historical context of racism with contemporary examples of Wisconsinites putting their knowledge into action to create change.

External advisory committee members Angela Russell and Dr. David Hart guided producers on an accurate and effective presentation of the topics. Intentional community engagement in collaboration with Nehemiah extended the reach of the project beyond the screen.

Image of a News Interview being captured by a camera.

Wisconsin in Black & White

Explore the history of racism in the criminal justice system, education, the racial wealth gap and health disparities with an eye toward efforts to right these wrongs.

Nehemiah Resources

Explore a rich collection of conversations, storytelling and lectures created by Nehemiah. Podcasts include Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee and Justified Anger Podcast.

As a lifelong viewer and proud Wisconsinite, I’m grateful your organization has aired the documentary Wisconsin in Black & White. In times of division and political strife, it would be a lot easier to leave these important conversations on the margins. Partnering with the Nehemiah Center to create a film that, I believe, can foster further conversation, is brave and appreciated.


Statement to the Communities We Serve

There is no place for racism in our society. We must work together as a community to ensure we no longer teach, or tolerate it.  Read the full statement.