Wisconsin in Black & White Resources


Reentry Lunch & Learn Videos – Playlist
This monthly lunchtime discussion, hosted by Nehemiah’s Reentry Coordinator Aaron Hicks, shines a light on the legal justice system in ways that the general public rarely sees. Topics have included reducing the prison population, parental rights, and understanding the expungement process.  

Lean Into Allyship Series – Playlist
Ally conversations with Dr. Alex Gee, Rev. Lilada Gee, and other Black leaders around the call to educate, donate, and affiliate in the equity journey. The series features honest insights into issues that the Black community faces, from Black voices, and how allies can be involved in the work of racial justice.

Dr. Gee’s Storytelling Showcase
Presented by Justified Anger, Lean Into Allship sessions, and the Black Like Me podcast, Dr. Alex Gee brought together an exciting group of storytellers for a night of music, celebration, and community connection at Cafe Coda. The evening of stories told live was curated by Dr. Gee around the theme of “Hope.” As a shared community, experience a group of storytellers sharing their own personal Allyship experiences in their racial justice journey. Celebrate this special evening with live music by Mitch Guzick and Joey Thomas.

Nehemiah Family Talk – Freedom is a State of Mind
Ozanne Anderson, Nehemiah’s Director of Youth Development and Education, and her family share their experiences of racial injustice in 2020. This short film shares the perspective of one year after a Juneteenth family reflection in the midst of the US going through a pandemic and racial unrest. Ozanne and her family members comment honestly on what they dream for their country and what they saw in the last year.

Patriotism and the Cost of Apathy
UW Associate Professor of History Dr. Christy Clark-Pujara explores African American history and the apathy of white Americans. This lecture was a special glimpse into the full Black History For A New Day course presented by Justified Anger.

Patriotism and the Cost of Apathy Response
Dr. Alex Gee and Harry Hawkins discuss Dr. Christy Clark-Pujara’s lecture on Patriotism and the Cost of Apathy by breaking down some of the ideas and implications presented. This lecture reflection provides stories and context based on contemporary experiences in the local community.


Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee
Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time. The award-winning podcast has inspired Black and non-Black listeners by providing an honest voice that speaks to the Black experience unfiltered with a hopeful message.

Justified Anger Podcast
Justified Anger, an initiative of Nehemiah, brings you stories and conversations from staff and the community that inspire, educate, and engage toward justice action. The goal is to eliminate racial disparities by provoking moral conscience and directing collective action at the grassroots and systemic levels.

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