Watch President Obama’s Address Live Tonight on WPT and Online

November 20, 2014

Wisconsin Public Television will air live PBS NewsHour coverage of President Obama’s address at 7 tonight. Watch on air or…

Tony Danza Knows PBS NewsHour

March 7, 2014

A PBS NewsHour reporter and a television sitcom star meet in a hallway… Yep, that sounds like the start of…

28 Years Later: The Challenger Disaster

January 28, 2014

“The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never…

The PBS NewsHour Meets The Daily Show

January 23, 2014

“We totally missed twerking. We didn’t cover Miley Cyrus nearly enough… And we might get an award for that.” If…

Remembering Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom

December 6, 2013

As the world responds to Nelson Mandela’s passing, Frontline has made The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela – its definitive two-hour…

Stay Classy, North Dakota: Ron Burgundy is Here

December 2, 2013

If your Thanksgiving holiday travel took you to North Dakota – specifically the Bismarck or Minot area – then you…

Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff take on The Colbert Report

October 24, 2013

“Here’s the problem with you two – you’re very very level headed.” – Stephen Colbert. Last night, Judy Woodruff and…

PROGRAMMING UPDATE: PBS NewsHour Coverage of President Obama’s Address Tuesday Night

September 10, 2013

Wisconsin Public Television will carry special PBS NewsHour coverage of President Obama’s address to the nation tonight at 8 p.m….