Remembering Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom

December 6, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

As the world responds to Nelson Mandela’s passing, Frontline has made The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela – its definitive two-hour documentary film on the remarkable leader – available to watch online for the first time. (WPT will broadcast the film 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 13)

In the 1999 documentary, Frontline tells the intimate and surprising story of a Mandela few people know: a bomb-throwing revolutionary who became a skilled politician in prison, and a passionate man who sacrificed the love of his life for a country that needed him more.

Widely hailed as the definitive television biography of Mandela, the documentary draws on stories and insights from Mandela’s closest colleagues, fellow prisoners, friends and political adversaries – as well as unique photos and rare archival film – to paint an intimate portrait of one of the 20th century’s greatest leaders.


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On June 26, 1990, Washington Week devoted an entire show to Nelson and Winnie Mandela’s visit to the United States. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the special which includes coverage of Mandela’s visits to New York, Boston and Washington D.C. where he met President George H.W. Bush and gave a rare speech to a joint meeting of Congress.

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