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Peter and Ksenia Sokor on watching war in Ukraine from afar

Ukrainian refugees Peter and Ksenia Sokor, who fled from their home near Kyiv shortly after Russia's 2022 invasion and resettled in Stoughton, reflect upon the ongoing fighting and past year of war.

By Steven Potter | Here & Now

February 20, 2023 • South Central Region

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Steven Potter:
As you think back, did you think, it's almost a year now since the invasion, did you think it would go on this long?

Peter Sokor:
No. Yeah, we were expecting it would finish soon, maybe month or two, they'd somehow figure it out. But it's just crazy how long is it and looks like it's getting worse.

Steven Potter:
Do you, Ksenia, do you all watch the news and keep up with what's happening there?

Ksenia Sokor:
Peter mostly does this because it's hard for me. I just can't sleep. I have bad dreams about my family just in the middle of the war. But recently about this helicopter which fall down in Brovary, it's the place where we went to gymnastics for the girls. So like it was, if it's something like really close, I watch it. So yeah. And the mother of one of the girls who went with us, I know her personally, she burned there in that kindergarten building. So with a younger daughter, with the girl we invited for birthday. So it's hard, yeah. So mostly I don't watch.

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