Wisconsin From The Air – Behind the Scenes

July 16, 2014 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Watch online now: Wisconsin From the Air

Last September, Wisconsin Public Television producers spent a week in the air above our state to capture Wisconsin’s cities, towns, lakes, cliffs, farm fields and other natural areas. The resulting television special, Wisconsin From The Air, will premiere on WPT this December.

Now, as we look forward to the program’s premiere, we want to take you inside the process of capturing every corner of the state from above. Strap yourself in to the helicopter and soar over the state as you find out just what it takes to plan, record and edit a project that will feature more than 200 of the state’s most beautiful and iconic places.

Check back here on the Be more Tuned In blog and at the WPT Facebook page in the coming months ahead of the broadcast premiere for more preview content from inside this exciting journey to the skies above our state.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin From The Air – Behind the Scenes”

  • Thank you to the team that put together Wisconsin From the Air. It’s some of the best television I have ever experienced. You captured the essence of our state and the magnitude of its beauty in a new and creative way. I found myself watching tearfully, and with great pride. You did Wisconsin proud. VERY proud.

  • Linda Dabrowski says:

    Very boring and disappointing.
    It would have been 100 times more interesting with a narrative of the scenery and landmarks.
    Should have watched “Aerial America”, on the Smithsonian Channel, for an example of how to present an aerial view of our state.

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