Welcoming Back ‘Our Birds’

May 2, 2014 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

April and May are fantastic months for bird watchers. Even the most casual of birders can delight in the sights of seemingly rare birds in the waters and fields of Wisconsin. I look forward to the loons and coots that flock to our lakes each spring. And just yesterday a pair of flickers visited my yard for an afternoon snack.

Image of a Baltimore OrioleIf you’re curious about where Wisconsin’s birds have been all winter, look no further than Our Birds, the Wisconsin Public Television film that drops in on our birds in their Central American wintering grounds.

Watch Our Birds to learn about what’s being done to preserve rare habitat in Wisconsin and Central America. And, observe the journey of a Baltimore oriole from Costa Rica to Wyalusing State Park in this interactive migration map.

For even more talk about birds, watch the Great Lakes Now: Migratory Birds webcast. Hosted by Detroit Public Television, the program investigates what will happen if we lose significant bird populations and what can be done to preserve bird habitats in the Great Lakes region.

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