Watch Ken Burns’ Prohibition now on iPhone or iPad

September 23, 2011 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Ken Burn’s newest documentary explores the story behind the United States’ “great experiment” — Prohibition. The three part film premieres on WPT at 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 2, but iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users don’t need to wait. You can watch the first installment of the film now on-demand via the PBS app on those devices. Click here to learn more.

And, watch the trailer for the documentary online below.

2 thoughts on “Watch Ken Burns’ Prohibition now on iPhone or iPad”

  • Ralph George: Barke says:

    It’s easyer to put a drunk in prison, because the state makes around $45000.00 a year to hold each individual who is sent to prison, yet the individual how goes to jail for drinking an driving, has a real honest to God, problem, and must have individual attention, but this method cost way-way to much, so like I said, it’s easer to lock-em-up then fix-em-up…… God Bless America…..????? even though it is the duty of the court to be watchful for the constitutional rights of the invididial, and against any stealthy encroachments thereon”, see Boy v. United States 116 U.S. 616, (1885)<* their collection reasonings are like church, if you don't give you'll go to hell or jail, but see Hale v. Henkel 201 U.S. 43.

  • Ralph George: Barke says:

    All I know is that We the People could have saved alot of misery, desperation, hopeleness etc… is to introduce the Constitution and only the Constitution of 1776, containing 10 Amendments, The Bill of Rights 1791, being greatful for The Magna Carta 1215, in a group of English barons, tired of heavy taxes and arbitary actions by the king forced King John to sing hte Magna Carta (Latin for “great charter”). It guarantees today in September 24th 2011, such fundamental rights as trial by jury and due process of law, a requirement that government be fair in its actions. Orininally, these rights applied only to noblemen, but over time they were extended to all English people. The Magna Carta established the principle that the monarch’s power is not absoute.
    But today our children must not be confronted with, such as our courts in Green Bay, Wisconsin, or just Wisconsin itself, that I have experience with County Circuit Court Judges, who openly violate anyone’s Constitutional rights… as I once asked judge Hammer, is it the duty of the court to be watchful for the constitutional rights of the invididual, and against any stealthy encroachments thereon, and the judge threatened to put me in contempt of court, and this happened in alot of courts in Wisconsin, as my experience tells me, even though “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation, that would abrogate them.” this is a Supreme Court Rule to all the Court’s in America, and abroad, yet We allow the county circuit courts to violate rights daily, but doing it in the name of the “Health, Safety and Welfare of the prople…How nice, but it inself is evil to make laws against individuals where there is concensual activities, which harm no one, but are making hundreds of millions of dollars a year, arresting these individuals, when We the People can use this money to produce for better results then this continuing road to dester. How can anyone kill someone, dealing in mairjuana, and corss an imaginary line, from one state to another state where mairjuana is legalized, medically, in 16 states right now, and others are waiting to start making millions and millions of dollars a year just to start with, not counting all the industrial uses for mairjuana, and Hemp helped save WWI and WWII. So the Magna Carta, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights should be a standard cricular activitiy in all schools in America… After all it’s “We The People”… Not we the government…. Now remember if We all don’t hang together, WE ALL FOR SURE WILL HANG SEPERATELY.

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