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October 26, 2012 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Every now and then I like to share some great storytelling that might have slipped under the mainstream radar. Wisconsin Public Television is a variety service that meets the needs of many, so it’s reasonable that, depending on your interests, you might think that not everything gets its fair amount of airtime. Luckily we have the Internet. With its smorgasbord of viewing options, the WPT Video Player allows you to watch what’s interesting to you when you want.

In this post, I’ll let you in on some video that didn’t make it to prime time broadcast but, in my opinion, is still worth a view on your computer or tablet.

I’ll begin with POV “Nostalgia for the Light” which premiered this week on some public television stations but was unfortunately squeezed from the WPT broadcast schedule. Don’t be surprised if it appears sometime later. The film is an artful documentary in which a Chilean astronomy enthusiast guides viewers through a sociopolitical history of his country.

“Chile’s remote Atacama Desert, 10,000 feet above sea level, provides stunningly clear views of the heavens. But it also holds secrets from the past in its arid soil: human remains, from pre-Columbian mummies to the bones of political prisoners “disappeared” during the Pinochet dictatorship”

Watch POV “Nostalgia for the Light” online now, or if you’re using the new mobile video player on your phone or tablet, add it to your queue and watch before the video expires in January.

Next Up: A “quick hit” from Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders. This musical adventure series roams America and the world in search of compelling music, telling the stories behind the music and the artists who create it. Here I feature just one performance in the film by Icelandic folk/pop band Of Monsters and Men.

If you like what you hear, check out the entire episode online or watch it in late hour of midnight, Friday, Nov. 2 on WPT.


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