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Two new ‘Masterpiece’ series premiere Sunday, March 17!

February 23, 2024 Alyssa Beno Leave a Comment

Masterpiece brings the drama of long-ago soap opera legend Noele “Nolly” Gordon and a love story for the ages to its lineup beginning Sunday, March 17 on PBS Wisconsin.

Nolly on Masterpiece

Premieres 8 p.m. Sunday, March 17

Helena Bonham Carter stars as soap opera legend Noele “Nolly” Gordon, one of the most famous faces on British TV in the 1960s and ’70s, whose unceremonious firing from her hit show at the height of her career was front-page news.

A bold exploration of how the establishment turns on women who refuse to play by the rules, Nolly is an outrageously fun and wildly entertaining ride through Gordon’s most tumultuous years, and a sharp, affectionate and heart-breaking portrait of a forgotten icon.

Alice & Jack on Masterpiece

Premieres 9 p.m. Sunday, March 17

Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson star in this love story for the ages written by Victor Levin.

When Alice (Riseborough) and Jack (Gleeson) first meet, they’re bound by a connection so powerful it seems nothing can break it, but will their path lead them to a place of happiness and togetherness? Or will life and their own emotional complexities get in the way?

Honest, intimate and surprisingly funny, the series shows love in all its unexpected, technicolor, kaleidoscopic beauty.

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