Time To Fix Up That Old House

July 25, 2013 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

The summer months provide a great opportunity for getting out into the yard, up on the roof and around the house to finalize all of those do-it-yourself tasks that we’ve all been putting off for the past few, well, let’s be honest, years.

You can tune in on Friday nights at 8 to watch This Old House and Ask This Old House, but you can also dig into the online video archives at any time and find the answers to all of those painting, plumbing and landscaping challenges that continue to cause frustration.

You can even submit your own question here and maybe get a chance to have it answered on TV. And, find a full archive of questions and answers right here.

So, strap on that tool belt, fire up your computer, tablet or smart phone and get that project started. After a nap, perhaps?

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