Thursday: Affordable Care Act Forum Live Stream

November 7, 2013 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Our friends at the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service presented a special two-day conference at UW-Fox Valley on the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Federal Health Insurance Marketplace in Wisconsin.

The public was invited to a special forum with some of the event’s experts from across Wisconsin and around the country on Thursday at 7 p.m. to discuss the effects of the ACA in the state and how to best navigate the new insurance marketplace. Video from the event will be available online on or before November 21.

The event featured insights into the healthcare law alongside special reports from WPT’s Here and Now. Visit this page to learn more about the full conference.

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  • I just viewed your segment on the Affordable Health Act with interview of young adults in Wisconsin. Many young adults are fortunate to be under their parents health care until 26 year’s old. I personally have always had coverage on my own since 18 years of age-yes it was affordable, but I was in a major car accident at 19 and thank God I had insurance. The UW student needs to realize some day she too will age, and the younger adults will pay for her health care through their premiums. By her opting out of health care is extremely risky-she obviously has never made a trip to the ER-I hope that is risk she does NOT have to face. I work in health care, and am very aware of what the risk and costs can be! Hopefully, the younger generation will assess the consequences and decide to buy into the affordable health care!!

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