"The Town" Offers Familiar Faces; Brand-New Mysteries

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Coming home isn’t always easy, but in the miniseries The Town, premiering 8 p.m. tonight, Thursday, April 30 on Wisconsin Public Television, returning home proves especially difficult for 30-year-old Mark Nicholas (Andrew Scott, Sherlock). Having spent the last 10 years building a new life in London, independent Mark is forced to return home after a devastating family tragedy. Despite his reluctance, he’s quickly drawn back into the complicated world he left behind.

“The Town” premieres 8 p.m. tonight, Thursday, April 30 on Wisconsin Public Television.

You’ll likely recognize a number of the show’s cast members, including Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) and Julia McKenzie (Miss Marple). But despite the familiar faces, the drama, written by Mike Bartlett and directed by Colin Teague (Doctor Who), offers a refreshing new take on mystery.

“A thrillingly sinister take on suburbia … The atmosphere of menace and melancholy never dissipated, and Bartlett was brilliant at showing how shock reveals the weirdness of normality.” — Daily Telegraph

The Town’s premise and plot are captivating, but the scenery is an added bonus. It is set in contemporary Britain in the fictional market town of Renton, a place that’s not a city, and yet not the countryside. The people of Renton face the same challenges we all do, but are determined to enjoy life as much as they possibly can.

At the heart of The Town is a man struggling to find a place in the community he grew up in, while also fighting to find answers to the many questions that have arisen since he left.

“Playwright Mike Bartlett captures brilliantly the bleakness of a location you return to from duty not desire; the oppressiveness of being for ever the person you were as a teenager, rather than the adult you’ve become, coupled with the realization that everything and nothing has changed … Both surprising and intriguing.” — Guardian

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  • I set DVR to record all 3 of this series. It did so without issue until the final episode (#3). Apparently where the final episode was to air they substituted Scott & Bailey. I’m crazed wondering how it all turned out!!!!!! Any suggestions on where I can see the final episode???
    H E L P!!!

  • I DVRd this series and went to watch it today. The first two were great until i got to the third and while it said i dvrd the town part three it was actually a repeat of Scott and Bailey. Please re air this series. Thank you.

  • I work nights and miss a lot of programs. Why isn’t this (and some other programs) online?
    We watch quite a bit of PBS programming, and I don’t even recall seeing any promos for this.

    The British dramas are great!

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