The Paradise

October 4, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Masterpiece Classic “The Paradise” at 8 p.m. starting Sunday, Oct. 6 on Wisconsin Public Television.

The Paradise, Denise LovettIt’s an age-old tale – small town girl moves to big city, isn’t easily accepted by her peers, struggles to find work, and after just a short time, mystery and romance appear around every corner.

Just imagine how happy your family would be when you write home to let them know you found a job working at “The Paradise.” Clearly yet another case of when you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. A department store owner would have to be pretty bold to name their store something so wonderful. I can only assume that the employees of said establishment would quickly come up with several less flattering nicknames.

Then again, it’s the people who work at a store that make it what it is. Perhaps the troubles and drama of working retail day in and day out will provide the comedic roots that will bring this series to life.

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