The Heritage Society: Planting the Seed

January 7, 2015 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Written by WPT Planned Giving Manager Aimee Granger

Ellen Fluck created an extraordinary life for her children. That’s the way her story is recounted by her son, Jim. Ellen grew up in Two Rivers and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she met her husband, Paul, in the registration line her sophomore year. Ellen and Paul built a home on the west side of Madison. They planted trees, put down roots and began raising their children – son, Jim, and daughter, Peg.

Jim recalls Wisconsin Public Television being a part of all their lives for as long as he can remember, from watching The Friendly Giant as a child to seeing his mother’s enjoyment of programs like PBS NewsHour later in life. Jim fondly remembers that his mother watched WPT almost exclusively, as she always trusted and appreciated the programs she found there.

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The Heritage Society recognizes friends with the foresight to include Wisconsin Public Television in their will or estate plans.

Following her husband’s untimely death in 1961, Ellen went on to obtain her master’s degree in education and enjoyed many more years with family and friends. The trees that she and Paul planted many years ago have grown to create a lovely green space in their community today.

Like those seeds planted long ago, Ellen had the foresight to make an investment in the future of WPT. [Watch Ellen’s story above] By including WPT in her will, the seed that Ellen planted will continue to grow through the quality educational programs that enhance and enrich the lives of every person in Wisconsin. Jim shares, “I was really proud of Mom. I felt her decision to give to Wisconsin Public Television was in keeping with the way she lived her life.”

Ellen passed away last fall at the age of 95, and her legacy lives on through her family and through her decision to include WPT in her estate plans.

If you have already taken steps to include WPT in your will or estate plan, we hope you will call us so that we may thank you with membership in The Heritage Society today. Or if you simply have questions, we welcome your call. Please contact Lisa Karnes at 608-263-2129 or Aimee Granger at 608-265-0723.

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