The Graduates

October 28, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

I love that title. Documentary films often carry sinister-sounding titles (An Inconvenient Truth, for example) in their struggle for attention. The Graduates, catching in it’s own right, beams nothing but positivity.

The GraduatesWhile there’s no way to spin something like America’s Latino dropout crisis (1 in 3 Latinos don’t graduate high school in time) into a positive tale, this ambitious film from Independent Lens manages to find hope in the stories of inspiring young students from across the United States.

The students, part of an on-going effort to increase graduation rates for a growing Latino population, offer a first-hand perspective on the challenges facing many Latino high school students, including over-crowded schools, crime-ridden neighborhoods, teen pregnancy, and pressure to contribute to the family finances.

The Graduates profiles six students – each in danger of dropping out of high school – who, through a combination of educational and community resources, as well as supportive families, are able to surmount the obstacles that might have prevented them from completing their education.

The first hour follows three young women. Watch it now below.

Part 2 airs Monday, Nov. 4 and focuses on three young men who have struggled with challenges such as immigration status, brushes with the law and bullying.

Independent Lens “The Graduates” is an eye-opening introduction to many of the determined and resilient young people who will shape America’s future.  It’s a positive step forward and is a part of American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen. Learn more about the U.S. dropout crisis and American Graduate’s efforts to end it at

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