The Downton Dish: Episode 7

February 15, 2016 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

This week’s episode was packed with drama: will Mary lose yet another lover to a car crash? Will Mr. Molesley and Mrs. Patmore manage to shift careers in a changing world? Bertie and Lady Edith seem like the perfect couple; let’s hope it continues! Let us know what you think, and join us for another episode of The Downton Dish.

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Watch the complete series of “The Downton Dish” here.

2 thoughts on “The Downton Dish: Episode 7”

  • Norman Slaymaker says:

    As a boy
    I used to go to Goodwood Race track so I knew the location right away of the Downton car race. The RR cars are assembled near by , Chichester is just 2 miles to the SW,and Goodwood House ,the Trundell and a host of iteresting places are close by. I did like the boy who entered Lord Granthams Bedroom as he did seem to have Youkshire broge.

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