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December 10, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Just sending a quick “thank you” to you – one of the thousands of fellow members who has pledged to support Wisconsin Public Television during our annual Winter Membership Drive.

One of the most popular shows this drive – according to you – has been A Farm Winter With Jerry Apps in which the historian and local living legend shares stories of Wisconsin’s harshest season. Your love for this film is a good reminder that just a year ago we heard the same response for Jerry Apps: A Farm Story, which has more heartwarming stories about the more ideal seasons.

With less than a week left, we’re in the home stretch of the drive, the stage in which we air the programs you liked best. We also have a few specials that haven’t aired yet and are worth tuning in for.

Doctor-Who-Season-7On Saturday, we’re showing two full episodes of Doctor Who. Because we’re in the midst of airing Season 7, these episodes are new to WPT viewers and are the final two episodes featuring Amy and Rory, just before the Doctor gets a new travel companion.

And there are countless opportunities left to enjoy a sneak peek of Downton Abbey, Season 4 in Return to Downton. Catch up on episodes of Season 3, streaming online now.

Soon, we will back to enjoying the regular programming that we all value year-round. Thanks for supporting Wisconsin Public Television during this important membership drive, and thanks for watching.

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