Take the Ultimate Sesame Street Quiz

April 2, 2012 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Next week, Independent Lens introduces us all to the life of Kevin Clash. That might not be a name — or even a face (at right) — that you recognize, but I bet you know the puppet he portrays on Sesame Street. Elmo!

At 8 p.m. Monday, April 9, Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey airs on Wisconsin Public Television. We’ll have more on this great film later this week on the blog. But, for now, let’s take a look at how much we know about our favorite children’s program.

The folks at Independent Lens have pulled together The Ultimate Sesame Street Quiz. Go ahead and click here to give it a try. Let us know how you did. Fair warning, it can get tough. I managed 71 percent correct, but got tripped up on some of the newer questions.

So, put on your Sesame Street thinking caps and give it your best shot!

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