Streaming Favorites for May

May 22, 2016 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

The Good Stuff

I’m not even sure I can pinpoint what this series is about, but I love it. It might be safe to say that it’s actually about everything. The hosts, Craig & Matt, explore a crazy diversity of topics, covering everything from wine tasting to warp drives. They’re funny, fun and generally seem like they would make nice neighbors. Dive in and learn something!

Re:Dream | Pursuits of Happiness

According to their site, this narrative project “is about people living in America as they navigate opportunity, meet obstacles, and pursue happiness in the 21st century.”

The is a huge collaboration between KCPT, Detroit Public TV, PBS SoCal, GPB, WETA and Thinkshift, and it amazes me completely. It’s digital and social. It’s beautifully shot and edited. It tells real, intimate stories. It shows how truly diverse our country is. Just go watch it. Now.

How Does it Grow?

I’m just a why-child in a grown-up body, so this series is incredibly satisfying to me. Teach me something I didn’t know about apples! Please!

Full-Time Kid

You definitely do not need to be a kid to enjoy this series of videos! Mya is a fantastic host, and she explores so many creative, fun and quick projects that I’m already planning on using. I can’t wait to turn my parents’ handwriting into a font!

Mind of a Chef

This James Beard Award-winning show goes far beyond what I think of as a typical cooking show. Find out what’s behind the joy, inspiration and drive of some of the most sought-after chefs in the world. It’s narrated by executive producer and renowned chef Anthony Bourdain *dreamy sigh* and is already in its fourth season! Check out some of their full episodes right now online!

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