Streaming Favorites for March

March 12, 2016 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

A lot of my favorite national dramas from PBS recently wrapped up, including Downton Abbey (let’s all share a moment of silence), and Mercy Street. In my search for great streaming content, I decided to bring it back home and focus on some of our locally-produced shows. So much of the quality content we broadcast at WPT is also available to watch online, so if you missed an episode – or if you’re a spoiled viewer like me, and only watch shows on-demand – check out some of our great, locally produced shows online.

Wisconsin Foodie
Kyle Cherek goes all over the state in a quest to discover the hidden gems of Wisconsin’s culinary scene. From cheese makers to beer distillers, Cherek shows us why it’s great to be a foodie in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Life
When you feel like you’re in a rut, Wisconsin Life can show you a new perspective and share some of the incredible, adventurous things going on across the state. This show highlights how diverse, creative and fun Wisconsinites truly are!

WPT Documentaries
This collection of work will keep you interested for hours (or days). We explore Wisconsin’s history, its heritage, and the people who make our state feel like home. Check out any of these films for an entertaining and educational experience.

WPT Presents
If you’re a fan of performance art, this collection of work is for you. WPT Presents features musical and theatrical performances from around the state, and even includes live-recorded events like the recent panel on global health with the Dalai Lama.

Around the Farm Table
More food and fun, this time with a farm-to-table spin. Adventure with Inga Witscher as she discovers where our food truly comes from. She meets farmers and food advocates from across the state, creating mouth-watering recipes in the process.

Sewing with Nancy
I grew up learning to sew with Nancy. She’s been a part of my life for decades, and I’m so glad that the majority of her shows are available to stream online. If I’m looking for a new project or trying to solve a mending problem (it’s a constant battle – zippers, hemlines – I feel like I’m always tackling something new), I can find what I need by exploring some of our Sewing with Nancy episodes.

30-Minute Music Hour
For locally-grown funk, folk and rock-and-roll music, check out “Colonel” Andy Moore’s creation. In response to the thriving independent music scene, 30-Minute Music Hour offers a free-form stage where artists from around the state and country perform music that might otherwise go unheard.

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