A bee clinging to a bunch of light purple flowers with shady woods in the background.

Start your spring gardening to-do list with ‘Let’s Grow Stuff’

March 13, 2024 Tara Lovdahl Leave a Comment

As winter thaws, Wisconsin gardeners are itching to get back outside. From helping out pollinators to preparing for your best veggie plots this year, PBS Wisconsin’s Let’s Grow Stuff has you covered.

Make a Bee Hotel!

One of the most important basic needs for insects is safe habitat. Insects like pollinators can really benefit from having a bee hotel in your yard. In this episode, you’ll learn an easy, simple project for your garden that helps support these important creatures.

All About Mulch

Knowing when and how to use mulch is important as not all mulches are created equal. Mulch is typically an organic material, like shredded bark, wood chips, straw or grass clippings, that we apply to the surface of the soil around the base of plants. We use it to help our soil conserve moisture, improve its fertility and mitigate weeds by blocking light from the soil surface.

Companion Planting With Herbs

Planting specific herbs next to certain crops can be helpful with pest control, weed management and more.

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