Some Home Improvement Inspiration

January 2, 2013 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

If you are anything like me, you have huge aspirations that involve fixing the leak in the basement sink, finally installing that new light fixture that has been in a Menards bag since you bought it last year or even remodeling an entire sun room. And, if you’re really anything like me, it’s really easy to convince yourself that starting a household how-to job will just lead to more work, so why even try, right? (This is where you hear my wife threatening to just do that project I’ve been promising to get to for months…)

Over the years, the guys from This Old House have actually been the inspiration I need to get off my duff and attempt a home improvement project. Until now, that means my bursts of inspiration have been relegated to the 8 p.m. This Old House and Ask This Old House broadcasts on WPT. Now, I have no excuse, because we can all tap the easy how-to instructions to projects that will take us from under the sink to up on the roof any time of the day or night with full episodes of both shows online. Click here to explore all of the available episodes, or check out a couple of my picks below. And, do me a favor… Don’t tell my wife about these online episodes and their inspirational qualities, or I’ll be tackling all of those pending projects before I know it!

Learn how to repair a leaky faucet in this episode.

In this episode, learn how to install an energy-saving wireless thermostat.

And, install a new water softener in this episode.


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