‘Sewing With Nancy’ Returns with a Variety of New Projects

July 17, 2014 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

We recently stopped by Nancy Zieman’s office to pin down a few remaining details about the upcoming season of Sewing With Nancy. In Nancy’s words, this season could be billed as a “variety show” of sorts.

Nancy Zieman at her desk

Nancy working on the upcoming season.

But don’t expect to see any singing and dancing segments this season. Nancy was quick to clarify that viewers can expect to see a wide “variety” of  innovative sewing and quilting projects.

“Sewing quick projects from rectangles and squares, making column quilts instead of block quilts, creating doll costumes, sewing fashion wraps, and learning the absolute easiest way to sew are a sampling of the array of projects that will be shown.”

And that’s just the first half of the season. New episodes are still in the works, but Nancy says viewers can expect to discover a diverse range of sewing and quilting projects throughout the season.

The new season of Sewing With Nancy begins in August with full episodes streaming online right here at wpt.org. Click to watch the new season online.

Before we left Nancy Zieman Productions, we couldn’t help but poke our heads into the workspace. Here are a few more candid shots from our visit.

Behind the Scenes of Nancy Zieman Productions

Bursting with Creativity

Behind the scenes at Nancy Zieman Productions

The Cutting Room

Behind the scenes at Nancy Zieman Productions

Photo Shoot

20 thoughts on “‘Sewing With Nancy’ Returns with a Variety of New Projects”

  • I love the Mod Kids clothing segment, I’ll have to order it. I sold my old serger, so now i’m looking for a used,new one. I have the Babylock Ellegante and i’m just learning the embroidery aspect of it. The 6 lessons on embroidery came just in time for me , Thank You.
    I love to sew and make quilts. Nancy,I learned beginning sewing from you years ago and I’ll be watching you for as long as you keep doing this.
    Sincerely, Jean Kinde

  • I’d love to see a series on tailoring, especially how to tailor a jacket or coat and a man’s shirt. A series on “spot and fix the fitting problem” would also be fantastic. Have a model put on a ill-fitting garment and learn how to interpret the various wrinkles and folds and how to adjust the pattern.

  • A while back I saw (somewhere) an article on how to modify skirts & pants for those of us with prominent tummies. I’m having a horrible time getting my pants to fit well after 8 major abdominal operations. I remember it involved something about tying or taping a yardstick onto your torso & something about measuring your hips with that on which would help you further choose your size or alter your patterns or some such thing. Have you heard anything about this technique? I think explaining how to do some similar alterations would make for a couple good shows that would be vastly helpful. Thanks.

  • I’m really looking forward to the doll costumes program. Would also like to see segments on sewing things like table runners, pot holders, aprons, and other things for the kitchen/house.

  • I was thrilled to see a new season is about to begin! You are treasure to the quilting and sewing world! Thanks for all you do, your continued inspiration and the sharing of your expertise in the sewing arts!

  • I would like to see a segment on plus size fitting and clothing and less quilting. Also home decor, more children’s clothing…especially for boys.

  • How about some clothes for children, nothing fancy. My granddaughter is 9 months and when she turns a year old in October I would like to start making her some clothes. I used to garment sew alot but have been quilting for the past 25 years. I have a new Pfaff machine that I need to make friends with and I think sewing for my grand will be the best way. Anything for children will be a great series. Thanks, Nancy

  • I will enjoy these programs. I could not get much out of the programs with long arm quilting, embroidery machines, or sergers as I do not own these expensive items. Thanks for thinking of how to use common blocks on projects!

  • Looking for easy projects for my Grandkids..have been teaching them to sew,and would like to fix them a couple of “kits” to make things. Thinking of p j pants…but would like another or two. Any ideas?.. They are ten. Dustie

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