Seeking Love and Taking Chances

June 11, 2015 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

This week on Director’s Cut, our guest is filmmaker Bob Murray. Bob is the director and star of his film Date America, which follows Murray as he drives across the country in search of the perfect mate. At first I couldn’t figure out if Bob was just an adventurous auteur or desperate to meet girls. After talking to him, I realized it was a little bit of both.

Director Bob Murray using a computer

Director Bob Murray

The film starts in Bob’s hometown of Milwaukee where he goes on the first in a series of blind dates set up over the Internet ahead of time. The film follows Murray and his cab driver – you heard right, cab driver – as he journeys west in search of love. Along the way Murray sets up some very creative and cinematic blind dates, one of which is skydiving. Skydiving is risky in and of itself. If things went awry, it could very well have been the end of Murray’s date, film and life.

Obviously this is a guy who is not afraid to take a chance. Murray has no prior filmmaking experience on-camera or behind it. Bob is a banker by day and made this film on a whim just to do something different, as if blind-dating your way across the country isn’t enough. Despite his lack of experience, Bob Murray is an entertaining enough guy and does a nice job in the lead role despite having no priors.

Mixing the worlds of dating and film making, Date America is a fun ride and will make you appreciate the fact that you have a significant other…or that you don’t. Check out my interview with Bob Murray this Friday night at 9 on Director’s Cut on Wisconsin Public Television and stick around to watch the entire film immediately after. Hope to see you then!

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