Saving the Titanic

July 26, 2013 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

For years, many of you have flipped to WPT Sunday nights to see some of the best dramas TV has to offer. Masterpiece is a powerhouse in its 8:00 time slot. And, it seems most of you are hungry for even more drama at 7 p.m., the hour that you’ve tuned in for shows like Call the Midwife and the Secrets of the Manor House series.

Saving the TitanicThis Sunday, we give you another period drama that you’re sure to like. Saving the Titanic may contain more fact than hyperbole, but it’s undoubtedly a drama that’s filled with well scripted scenes that will make you feel as if you’re aboard the Titanic during its most tense moment.

The hour-long docudrama features factual tid-bits – Titanic’s 29 coal-fed boilers required 820 tons of coal each day, for example – peppered throughout a dramatic narrative that focuses on chief engineer Joseph Bell, his aspirational son Frank and the entire crew that dutifully attempted to save the “unsinkable” ship.

We all know the story of Titanic’s ill-fated maiden voyage – from the topside at least. But what about the engineers below deck who tried to keep the ship afloat and save as many lives as possible? Was there chaos below deck or did the crew diligently work until until the boilers filled with water? Find out this Sunday night at 7 – the time drama fills the airwaves throughout Wisconsin.

Can’t wait? Watch Saving the Titanic anytime online.

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