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November 2, 2011 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

Watch Nova “The Fabric of the Cosmos” Wednesdays at 9 p.m. in November.

Brian Greene

Host and Physicist Brian Greene

Tonight, sandwiched right in the middle of three fantastic hours on WPT is an Nova “The Fabric of the Cosmos,” the first of a four-part series that will take you on a mind-bending journey through space and time. Tonight’s episode focuses on the space that makes up our universe. I know what you’re thinking. Space? Could we really spend an hour’s worth of television talking about the vast emptiness around us? Well, short answer is Yes! It turns out the space around us is teeming with activity like black holes and alternate realities, and although scientists don’t have it all figured out quite yet, what they have learned recently is pretty cool. During the episode you’ll have a chance to hear from host and renowned physicist Brian Greene in a live webcast. The video below is currently looping a preview of the program and will switch to the live webcast at 9 tonight.

And what about the other two hours of fantastic TV tonight? At 7, discover the places animals call home in Nature “The Animal House.” And at 10, Steve Jobs – One Last Thing offers an unflinching look at the innovator and features Jobs discussing his philosophy of life.


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