Rock ‘n’ Roll With JD McPherson: 30MMH On the Road

December 3, 2012 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

JD McPherson invited us to his Nov. 28 sound check at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. Take a seat and enjoy an exclusive performance of “Dimes for Nickels.”

30-Minute Music Hour On the Road is a Wisconsin Public Television Web series capturing great live music across Wisconsin. Explore the full archive of 30-Minute Music Hour episodes, with half-hour performances from top Wisconsin, regional and national artists at our Web site.

Learn more about The JD McPherson at and purchase his debut album, “Signs and Signifiers” and a new “North Side Gal” 7-inch single on that site.

Special thanks to The High Noon Saloon in Madison for their partnership in this special sound check performance. Learn more at

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