Rick Bayless Takes Us On Location in Mexico, And It’s Delicious

January 27, 2016 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

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It’s not unusual for Rick Bayless to be in Mexico recording a new season of Mexico: One Plate at a Time (full disclosure: to me, the best cooking show on television.) What is unusual – and really exciting for those of us who are stuck back here in the wind, snow and cold of Wisconsin – is that Chef Bayless is taking us all along on this production with daily behind the scenes video updates from each unique – and delicious – location he and his crew are visiting.

You can watch all of them, follow along with the adventure as it happens and share your comments directly with Bayless and his team on his Facebook page.

But, I also wanted to share a couple of my favorite video dispatches that have already arrived. 

Take this video from yesterday, for example. Bayless visited a traditional purveyor of smoked meat in Temozon, a kitchen that makes some of his favorite food. But, the full production was interrupted by the nuisance – and subsequent coughing – of one of the main ingredients, smoke. Not to be denied, Bayless grabbed a camera and takes us back inside the smokehouse via the web to see the centuries-old process behind the tasty treats.

It was SO incredibly smoky at these rustic ovens in Temozón that we ran out of there coughing. But you REALLY need to see this so we stuck around to make another quick video!!! Posted by Chef Rick Bayless on Tuesday, January 26, 2016
  And, last weekend, the crew visited this vibrant street fair in Merida, where a new fleet of food trucks has joined the traditional taco stands to offer modern and traditional fare.
Wild night at a street fair in Merida. Behind the scenes MOPAT 11 day 4! Posted by Chef Rick Bayless on Thursday, January 21, 2016
  Before we know it, these field pieces will be filled with cooking segments in Bayless’ Chicago kitchen and restaurants when the new season is complete. But until then, I am so glad Bayless is taking us along for this culinary adventure. Can’t wait until the new season arrives? Try your hand at any of the dozens of free recipes from previous seasons that are available online!

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